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The Grand Valley has a secret lair full of super heroes, sidekicks and villains ...

As Grand Junction's oldest and most iconic comic book shop we know what is important to you. You deserve your books hot off the press and ready for you to pick up. 

We carry titles from DC, Image, Marvel and several others. We also have a huge back issue selection to choose from. We can help you find the issues that you are interested in so call us and ask about our options, if we don’t have it chances are we can get it. Please call during store hours or email us anytime and let us know what you would like to see us carry. Whether it would be specific comic book titles, manga, graphic novels, toys, t-shirts or anything else your imagination can dream up... (Disclaimer: Almost anything! No we won’t carry live squid Ocean Ink!)

We are located at 1938 North 1st Street Space #7 (top floor)  Grand Junction, CO 81504 in the Hillcrest Plaza Shopping center, next to West Middle School.

So you made it this far ….

WHO IS TOP 5 COMICS!? We're glad you asked such an important and life affirming question. Top 5 Comics is Comic Book Steve Moore (aka CBS to some). Steve is an artist, pop culture collector extraordinaire, comic con connoisseur, podcast creator and video producer all wrapped up into a failed Kevin Smith cloning attempt. Sometimes his sidekick, Rob Moore, can be found rummaging around the shop and helping customers regain what little sanity they have left. Let’s not forget the mysterious Swine Master X! But that is a tale for another day ...


Check out the podcast by clicking here:

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Sometimes CBS sales stuff check out the cool custom merch here: 

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