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Swine Master X

Every good superhero comic book has to have a sinister supervillain in its formula. Why should a comic book shop be any different?


Meet Swine Master X, Top 5 Comic's official arch enemy yet ironically it's third partner and smug elitist. Little is known about Swine Master X but it has been said that as a child he was an avid collector of comic books only to be embittered when finding out that he had been brainwashed by the comic book industries propaganda that someday his collection might be worth money.

He then swore of collecting comics and purportedly sold his collection to CBS so that he could wonder U.S. pursuing his dreams of fortune and glory. But his hopes were crushed by Grand Junction's Ute Indian curse that ripped him back into the Grand Valley and forced him to open a comic book shop with his estranged childhood friends "The Moore Brothers." He has sworn revenge on all things comic books and has vowed to turn kids away from the likes of Batman and the X-Men and corrupt their minds with the vile words of Dead German Philosophers. As the Moore Brothers battle to save what little humanity is left in him, while at the same time preventing him from chucking Werner Herzog DVD's at fanboys heads and accosting the shops stereo system with overly indulgent prog rock like the Mars Volta, he has been importing a legion of pig masks into the Top 5 shop for a mysterious a project that may, or may not, grant him world domination...but is certainly confusing everyone that happens to use the shop's bathroom.

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